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One of my top consulting services as Entomologist is the preparation of the scientific expedition for Zoologist and Botanist as well as entomological collecting trip nation wide (Dominican Republic). Due to the many problems and inconveniences in the field encounter by many researchers and entomologists with the Dominican authorities; and the need of those to be oriented and advised about the legal procedure for collecting and conducted research in the Dominican territory. I have decided to formalize my business in preparing scientific incursion and expedition as well as collecting trip in the Dominican Republic.


These field work expeditions and collecting trip consist of, in the preparation of itinerary and budget according with the taxonomic group of interest by the customer, as local biologist, with a good knowledge and expertise of habitats and localities of the insects mainly Lepidoptera and Coleoptera as well as other Arthropods of the Dominican Republic. Therefore, I will be the national counterpart researcher (mandatory requirement of the Ministry Environment and Natural Resources) in your research project. My experience is valuable for your research due to my contact with people throughout the country; moreover, have common sense and skills for solving any problem on unexpected situations that arise. I will offers technical advice, field assistant, logical support, preparation of scientific incursions, plan, itinerary, budget, conduct the paper work for the collecting permit and export permit, vehicle, food, hotel reservation, driving for you, among other matters. Click here to see the testimonial about my service for yourself.

My services cost are very reasonable. However, it will be much better; if you can find 1 or 2 people to split the price with!

In order to prepare an scientific expedition or entomological collecting trip the customer would have to provide me with the following information: taxon to collect (e.g. butterflies, beetles, etc.), localities of interest and amount of days to spend in the field. Therefore, based in such information I can prepare and plan an scientific expedition that would fit to your needs. Nevertheless, in the case of lack of knowledge of the localities scenario as well as the abundance and distribution of the insect group, I will provide such information as well as a propose expedition plan with the itinerary and budget. This service is mainly based on the needs and priorities of the researchers and their investigation according with the group of study.  The plan and itinerary for your field work or research would be based in your priorities and the group of insect or animal that you would like to collect by taking in account such information, I will consider the best localities for finding and collect them. In fact, it would save you time and money because I will take you straight to site to find what you want and need! Click here to see an example of expedition plan and itinerary

Check out some of the localities!


Why conduct Research and Collecting in the Dominican Republic?


The Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean Region, it is one of the most spectacular Neotropical sites for Entomologists as well as other Zoologists. This island is the most diverse in the West Indies with a large number of endemic organisms. That is also true for insects in general basically butterflies and beetles. However, the phylogenetic relationships of the majority of endemic species of insects have not been investigated in detail. In addition, many groups of insect are poorly known. 


In the last years the some Dominican ecosystems have been degraded as well as some important habitats by the human activities and the development. Therefore, only some patches of pristine and very well preserve forest are remaining in some very remote localities where access is difficult, not to say impossible. Only a very well knowledgably local guide (like me), very well experimented with the Dominican road and with a good knowledge and expertise of these localities where there are some healthy habitats and excellent forest, in which the abundant and the diversity of the species still are relative high. The customer will be able to reach these remote places only through my service as consultant. 


In summary, I can plan, organize and execute your itinerary for your field trip in the Dominican Republic for making your collecting and research fully legitimate scientifically and making it successfully. My service as Consulter Entomologist would be focus based on the needs and priorities of the researcher and their investigation according with the group of study. In addition, it is a mandatory requirement of the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources of Dominican Republic for all international research conducted in the Dominican Republic and investigators to have a national counterpart investigator.  Therefore, I act as national counterpart scientific entomologist. Click here to read an article from News of the Lepidopterists´ Society Vol. 49, No. 1, talking about my service of the Entomological Expedition prepared by me .


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